Rover Mowers

The Rover brand's success reflects its high efficiency grass catching and mulching designs and an enviable reputation for product reliability.
The cutting and shredding systems are based on a platform of highly efficient, low emission, four stroke engines.
The company maintains a dedicated research and design capability, closely linked to its customers and international strategic partners.

Rover 382/30Mini Rider

The Rover Mini Rider features a 420cc Single OHV Rover Engine,  6 speed transmission and a 76cm (30") cutting deck.  The Rover Mini Rider's compact design is ideal for those who need a ride on mower for mowing smaller areas and that takes up little storage space.


  • Engine: MTD 420cc OHV
    Drive System: 6 Speed Shift On The Go
    Fuel Tank: 4.9 Litres
    Chassis: Steel
    Standard Deck: 76cm / 30"
    Cut Height: 4 - 10cm
    Mulch Kit: Optional
    Turning Radius: 45cm / 18"

Price: $2,699.00 incl GST

Rover 439/38

This lawn tractor is engineered for a maximum dependability and maximum efficiency on small to medium sized sections.


  • Engine: 420cc MTD OHV
  • Drive System: 6 speed Cruisematic
  • Fuel Tank: 5.6 Litres
  • Speed: 0-9.2km/h
  • Standard Deck: 96cm/38" side discharge
  • Reverse function: Reverse mowing control
  • Chassis: 12 Gauge steel
  • Hood: Powder coated steel
  • Front Axle: Pressed steel
  • PTO Clutch: Manual engagement
  • Mulch Kit: Optional
  • Cut Height: 3.8cm - 10.2cm
  • Blades: Non-times double blade system
  • Turning Radius: 16" / 40cm

Price: $3,399 incl GST

Rover 547/42 Lawnking

The 547/42 Rover Lawnking has 547cc Rover OHV engine, giving you both power and reliability when mowing. It also features a hydro-static transmission and cruise control. With a large 107cm (42”) cutting deck, the 547/42 Rover Rancher gets the job done at an affordable price.


  • Engine: 547cc Rover OHV
  • Drive System: Hydrostatic - hand control
  • Deck: 107cm / 42" Side discharge
  • Fuel Tank: 5.6 Litres
  • Speed: 0 - 8.4km/h
  • Chassis: 12 Gauge steel
  • Blades: Twin blade (high lift)
  • Mulch Kit: Optional

Price: $4,799.00 incl GST

Rover LN200H Rear Discharge

This German designed and built  LN200H rear discharge catching model with 105cm cutting width focuses on a perfect finish with its intregrated direct collect system. Also this tractor can be equipped with an optional mulching kit or a deflector to spread the grass clippings back on the lawn.


  • Engine: 20HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton OHV
    Drive System: Foot Pedal Hydrostatic
    Chassis: 12 Gauge Steel
    Hood: Powder Coated Steel
    Front Axle: Cast Iron
    PTO: Manual Engagement
    Standard Deck: 105cm / 41"
    Cutting Height: 2.5cm - 10cm
    Blades: Non Timed Double Blade System
    Measurements: L 225cm / W 110cm / H 103cm
    Turning Radius: 46cm / 18”

 Price: $6,199.00 incl GST

Rover RZTS46 SW Zero Turn

Syncro-steer Technology® - Unbeatable maneuverability and unmatched climbing ability. Our unique Zero-Turn riders with a traditional steering wheel provide you with the amazing maneuverability of a conventional Zero-Turn but with full control of the front wheels.


  • Model: MT17ARCBDT333
    Engine Type: 20 HP Kohler® 7000 Series V-Twin OHV
    Drive System: Dual Hydro-Gear™ EZT 2200
    Chassis: Heavy-duty 12-gauge one-piece, full-length steel frame
    Fuel Tank: 10.6 Litres
    Speed: 0-11 km/h
    Front Axle: Heavy-duty fabricated steel
    PTO Clutch: Electronic switch
    Deck Width: 117cm/46"
    Blades: Twin-blade(high lift)
    Mulch Kit: Standard
    Turning Radius: Zero turn with 4 wheel steering

Price: $6,999.00 incl GST