Chainsaw Operation & Safety Course

We offer a introductory course to Chainsaw Operation & Safety held onsite at a time of your choosing. Our qualified technician will teach you the basics of using a chainsaw, the safety aspects of the chainsaw & what to look for.

Covered in the course are the following.

- The safety features of a chainsaw (where they are, what they do & how to tell if they are in safe working condition.
- How to start a chainsaw safely.
- A general run down of hazardous operations. Kickback, Re-active forces & how to avoid these.
- Chain Sharpening.
- Hands on: How to cut a log, what to look for & how to do it safely.
- Preventative maintenance.
- Storing your chainsaw.

Upon completion of the course, we will provide you with theory books covering all things discussed during the session (for further learning & your future reference).

We will also present a certificate acknowledging your completion of the introductory course.


1 Person - $50
2 Person - $75
3 Person - $100
4-6 Person - $120